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    Is Flipping Houses a Lucrative Investment for Americans?

    Fewer Americans are buying homes nowadays than 20 years ago, but that doesn't mean that less of us believe we shouldn’t be investing in property. In fact, according to, real estate is back at the top of the list of what people think makes a sound long-term investment, beating both stocks and gold. However, statistics show that investing in real estate is actually nowhere near as lucrative as some other investments, so why do people believe it is? At AAA Distributor, we wanted to investigate why people still have a love for flipping houses, and how they can maximize their profit!

    How and Why Shower Pan Design Has Changed Over the Years

    When we take a shower, we rarely think about how all that water coming out the showerhead is contained and funneled down the drain – hopefully without leaking. But there is a lot of engineering that has gone into ensuring that the rest of your bathroom stays damp-free while you wash, and in recent years, shower pan design has been going through a bit of a renaissance. At AAA Distributor, we wanted to fill you in on everything there is to know about shower pan design and why it's changing!

    How Your Old Kitchen Design Can Help Inspire Your New Design

    If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, you’ll need to agree on a scope that fits your budget and personal preferences. Many people opt to make their new kitchen the exact opposite of their old one, but this can sometimes be unnecessary and run up extra costs! The best idea is to make a checklist of the pros and cons of your old kitchen and then try to incorporate turning those cons into pros with your new kitchen. Here at AAA Distributor, we thought we'd give you some insight into where to start when designing your new kitchen and how you can use your old design to help inspire your new one!

    How to Profit in a Saturated Real Estate Market

    When the real estate market is in decline, it can be difficult to sell your house for the price you think it’s worth. But, there are many ways to make your home stand out from the rest! At AAA Distributor, we understand that selling your home is stressful no matter when you're doing it, but during a real estate downturn can be even more so! That's why we thought we'd give you some insider tips on how to improve your chances of selling your home when the going gets tough!

    Keeping Your Renovation on Track: How to stick to your budget

    Budgeting for a home remodeling project is a difficult thing to get right – it's a tricky balance between ensuring you don't overshoot and end up having to spend money you don't have, yet don't undershoot and end up with a finish that's underwhelming. So, how do you ensure you get what you want without going over your budget? Here at AAA Distributors, we've got some tips on how to stick to your budget, so you don't end up disappointed or out of pocket!

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