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  • LessCare Toilet Accessible

    The new selection of LessCare toilets accessible at our store is just a perfect pick to neutralize odors and add a touch of class to your bathroom. So, shop from the variety of toilets and toilet seats offered by us, right now. We assure you of quality at a reasonable price.

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    Modern white toilet LT5 by LessCare is a perfect addition to any modern bathroom. This high-efficiency toilet features dual-flush low water consumption, fully glazed flush system, and U.S. standard 12” rough-in for easy installation. Every model comes with a premium soft-close toilet seat for your convenience. All essential accessories are included: mounting bolts and a wax ring.

    The LessCare 1.6 Gallon, One Piece Dual-Flushing System Toilet in White with a modernly styled Elongated Toilet Bowl renders a revolutionary High-Efficiency, low consumption (6 LPF) technology that bears a WaterSense approved construction designed to use less water. The A-grade vitreous ceramic architecture ensures to withstand any harmful or acerbic fluids, scrapes, or tarnish. Our complete package features a siphon flushing action and 12 in rough in as a standard for easy installation.

    All modern design trends are gathered in a style of this toilet model. Designed and built exclusively for modern bathrooms this toilet features high quality seamless construction, fully-glazed flush system, and dual-flush system. Fast and convenient installation is guaranteed with included mounting accessories, and standard U.S. rough-in measurement of 12”. Order LT8 toilet by LessCare now to complete your bathroom remodeling project.
    Looking for a great bathroom remodeling ideas? Modern one-piece toilet LT6 by LessCare has a square ultra-modern design and A-grade white ceramic one-piece construction. It features low water consumption, fully glazed flush system, and U.S. standard 12” rough-in. LT6 toilet comes with a premium soft-close toilet seat for your convenience. For fast and easy installation we have included all essential mounting accessories: mounting bolts, wax ring. bolt caps, and covers.
    Modern toilet LT9 by LessCare. This toilet is a great idea to for bathroom remodeling. It features high water efficiency, solid construction, fully glazed flush system, and premium soft-close concealed toilet seat. Modern and elegant shapes of the toilet are pleasant for an eye. Easy installation is guaranteed with standard U.S. rough-in measurement and all included mounting accessories.

    Low Water Consumption
    WaterSense Certified
    Meets EPA Criteria

    One of our top rated toilets LT7 is guaranteed to be a perfect match for a modern bathroom. Simple and elegant shapes of this toilet will fit in style of any bathroom. This water efficient toilet model has great features and comes with an amazing slim premium soft-close toilet seat. For fast and convenient installation all mounting accessories are included in the box.

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